J & G Damp Proofing have been established since 2010 providing a quality free Damp survey for domestic properties in the Merseyside area.

We are Safeguard (DRYZONE) approved quality installer, and provide a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.

The DPC Guarantee Certificate is supported by IGB (Insurance Backed Guarantee) for 10 Years.


For quality damp proofing J & G Damp Proofing are approved Dryzone installers. We offer a wealth of experience in providing Dryzone damp proofing systems such as... Stormdry, Dryrods, Dryzone, Drybase.

All are comprehensive and competitively priced. For an effective solution to damp in your home contact us today.

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How to tell if I have condensation issues in my property?

Condensation is often very easy for homeowners to diagnose, manifesting itself with many symptoms. These symptoms are listed in the order they are most likely to occur. In other words, in the places most at risk of condensation forming and the way the condensation affects that area.

Window condensation – Beads of water on windows

Pools of Water on the windowsill

Beads of water on external walls

Damp patches on external walls

Damp patches on ceilings

Damp patches in the corners of rooms

Damp internal walls

Black mould on window frames, window recesses and windowsills

Black mould on walls – particularly corners & recesses with little air flow

Black mould in cupboards

Black mould on curtains and clothes

Wet internal walls

Black mould on carpets – can be a symptom of condensation but is more often a sign of penetrating damp especially if you don’t have any of the symptoms above

Rising Damp

If left unaddressed, rising damp can compromise the structural integrity of your property, as well as your health. Not only can it cause steel to rust and fungi to attack wood, the growth of mould and mildew can aggravate or cause respiratory problems such as asthma.


Minor condensation and black mould problems can be solved with simple lifestyle changes. Activities like showering, cooking, drying clothes, using the tumble dryer and even breathing release moisture into the air. Obviously these activities are essential, but their impact on your property can be minimised.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is a term commonly used to desribe moisture ingress horizontally through the wall fabric. It is an issue that can affect all buildings, and while it can often look harmless, penetrating damp can be damaging to a property even if it does not penetrate all the way through a wall.

Dry Rot

Found in older properties or sometimes in newer properties where penetrating dampness occurs. Dry rot is distinguishable by it appearance and its effect on timber when effected. The effected timbers will resemble a burnt timber in appearance and will simply disintegrate when disturbed. The fungus itself will spread over the effected area resembling a spiders web with strands of white protruding from the centre.. The spores once established can travel up to 18 metres passing through walls and masonry to find new material to consume. Dry rot is often found on walls behind plasterboards and below floor levels on timber joists..

Wet Rot

Wet rot is a general term used to describe the majority of fungal species responsible for timber decay. There are several species of Wet Rot, but all require a moisture content in wood between 40-60%. This is commonly caused in wood exposed to damp conditions for prolonged periods of time. Wet Rot fungi, whilst generally not as destructive as Dry Rot, can nevertheless cause severe damage if left untreated and is a common cause of structural defects.

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